6 Reasons why people feel anxiety towards Dental Treatment, How to Manage


Many a times, we ourselves have heard talking Our relatives or nearby about the fear of visiting dentist even after having problems they try to neglecting the oral problems. Unless there is severe pain, many times people don’t seek dental treatment. One of the main reason behind this is fear of dentists and dental settings- that is dental anxiety.

It has become a common problem which many people are facing these days..Delay in dental treatment and worsening of the disease or oral conditions are the results.

As a result people are ended up with many oral Problems which require emergency care. Dental anxiety has now become an important Factor for affecting the efficacy of prevention, Diagnosis and treatment of dental disorders Both in patients in developmental age and In young adults.

Talking to the dentists and taking advice from them help to deal with our anxiety with further help from psychologists or counselor if required

What are the signs and symptoms of an Anxious Person in Dental Hospital

  • Sweating, dry mouth or increased salivation
  • Tachycardia , palpitation
  • Low blood pressure, syncope, hyperventilation
  • Panic attack
  • Bruxism or clenching of teeth

Dental Anxiety and Oral Health

-Dental anxiety results in further worsening of disease/conditions seeking more complex treatment or emergency Care “Vicious cycle of dental anxiety

-Regular checkups, cleaning, screening of disease, radiographs and various preventive approaches are missed out. This way better Care for our oral health is also at risk.

-Most dental disease which are related to our lifestyle and diet are related to systemic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, Hypertension, cancers…so good care of our oral health is must for Having good systemic health.

Why people feel anxiety towards Dental Treatment

  1. Fear of pain and traumatic dental experience in the past
  2. Dental clinic or hospital settings
  3. Fear of instruments, needles, blades, blood, sound Of the hand pieces, drilling and white coat itself
  4. Generalized anxiety, depression or stress disorders
  5. Claustrophobic (fear of closed spaces)
  6. Trust issues
  7. Sometimes embarrassment of patients about their Poor oral health

How to Manage such patients !!

  • Rapport building is the main
  • Distraction , modelling, environmental change
  • Voice control
  • Rescheduling of the appointments
  • A full explanation of the procedures
  • Pain free injections techniques
  • Analgesia, conscious sedation or anxiolytics if required

Every dentists first of all need to know about the Patient and behave friendly with him/her. Discussing about their likes /dislikes, acknowledging Feelings, empathy towards patient help patients alot to reduce their anxiety.

Clear verbal and written instructions to patients, pain controlling medications, phone number of the treating doctor (for emergency case) help alot to reduce anxiety for the further visit. Its responsibility of every dental health professionals to help their patients cope up with such problems.

Dr. Srishti Pokhrel


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