Orthodontics is an art; It all begins with beautiful smile


    According to a survey, smile is noticed second to our eyes when meeting for the first time. It is your orthodontist who straightens your teeth and gives you the perfect smile.

    Beauty of your smile lies in the relationship of teeth, gums, lips to one another and it is your orthodontist who does all these evaluations.

    We all remember the mesmerizing smile of Monalisa in a painting done by Leonardo Da Vinci and why do we still remember that. Because it was perfect. Can we have such beautiful smile like Monalisa or like Angelina Jolie or like Brad Pitt and the answer is yes. The orthodontist can help you get that perfect smile.

    The orthodontist examines various proportions of your face; the horizontal proportions , the vertical proportions, whether it matches with the golden proportion found in nature denoted by greek letter called Phi(Φ) with numerical value of 1.61 or not. The golden proportion are the divine proportion which represents the beauty of nature, just look at the array of seeds in the center of sunflower, look at the pine cone, look at the Egyptian pyramid.

    Your orthodontist applies this knowledge to improve the beauty of smile. The amount of exposure of posterior tooth in relation to anterior teeth should be in golden proportion. And not only this your orthodontist examines other various factors to improve the beauty of smile like relationship of your lower lip to incisal edges of your teeth, amount of buccal corridor present, the amount of gum display and also the direction and movement of corners of your mouth during smiling.

    The orthodontics can be a life changing thing for a person. From a bad looking guy or girl to a good looking person, orthodontics can be game changer for any person. From a not so good looking smile of Ronaldo, a famous footballer to a good looking appealing smile, it was all because of orthodontics.


    The child with crooked teeth can be bullied in schools. It could hamper their studies. They may lose confidence among family and friends. Can it be fixed? and the answer is yes. You just need visit an orthodontist.

    The person might have breathing problems during sleep. This could hamper the quality of life of the person. An orthodontist can help solving such problem through the expansion of your jaw.

    Patient often has pain over preauricular region. Can an orthodontist fix this pain for you? The answer is yes or may be not. For that you have to visit an orthodontist. If the pain is because of abnormal bite or functional shifts due to crossbite then definitely an orthodontist help you get rid of your pain and improve quality of life.

    Patient sometimes have familial trait of malocclusion such as the poor growth of thejaw. Orthodontists help such patients through growth stimulation if patients are within their growth phase and also play an important role for surgical preparation if surgical correction is needed.

    There are familial tendencies for missing teeth and missing lateral incisors are one of the most common familial missing teeth. Such teeth fall under social sixes. So how can this be dealt with? It has been proved that closing the space of missing teeth by moving back teeth forward is the best option and an orthodontist help you achieve this.

    The various craniofacial syndrome affecting face and cranium brings stigma to the patient as well as family. Such syndrome often affect the proper growth and development. There is often improper co-ordination between the upper and lower jaw. The orthodontist will definitely you guide with all these problems and help to reduce the deformity of the facial structures.

    Cleft lip and palate patients deal with various problems right from the birth and their problems continues throughout life. Right from birth an orthodontists help such patients and family members by fabricating feeding plate. The orthodontist reduces the morbidity of such patients through intervention at various stages of life and gives them the opportunity to live the normal life like other people do.

    The orthodontist not only just straightens your teeth just for the sake of improving function during mastication but also improves self-esteem and confidence creating beautiful smiles.

    “It all begins with smile.”

    Dr. Nabin Chaudhary

    Junior Resident, Orthodontics, BPKIHS


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