CEE Based MDS Entrance Mock Exam Answer part 4


CEE Based MDS Entrance Mock Exam Answer part 4


151. pH of saliva is:1 Mark

A. 5.0-6.0B. 5.5-6.5
C. 6.0-7.0D. 6.5-7.5

152. Taste impulses from anterior two third of the tongue is carried by:1 Mark

A. Glossopharyngeal nerveB. Facial nerve
C. Vagus nerveD. Hypoglossus nerve

153. Tongue papillae devoid of taste buds is:1 Mark

A. Filiform papillaeB. Fungiform papillae
C. Foliate papillaeD. Circumvalate papillae

154. Which of the following coagulation factor doesn’t exists: 1 Mark

A. Factor IB. Factor II
C. Factor VID. Factor VII

155. Histopathological picture showing features of loss of rete pegs, epithelial atrophy,hyalinization of collagen is 1 Mark

A. Mucocele formationB. Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome
C. Oral sub mucosal fibrosisD. Leukoplakia

156. In Ulcerative colitis, inflammation is limited to the:1 Mark

A. MucosaB. Submucosa
C. SerosaD. Transmural layer

157. Most common site for Liquefactive necrosis is:1 Mark

A. LiverB. Tongue
C. BrainD. Heart

158. Predominant cell infiltrate in chronic inflammation is:1 Mark

A. MacrophageB. Neutrophil
C. EosinophilD. Lymphocyte


All of the followings are benign non-odontogenic conditions except:1 Mark

A. KeratoacanthomaB. Melanoma
C. LeukoplakiaD. Oral sub mucosal fibrosis


Which of the following antibiotic has potential to release histamine by directaction on mast cells to cause ‘Red man syndrome’:1 Mark

A. AzithromycinB. Nitrofurantoin
C. VancomycinD. Metronidazole

161. The periodontal ligament is approximately1 Mark

A. 0.25 mm in thicknessB. 0.5 mm in thickness
C. 0.75 mm in thicknessD. 1.0 mm in thickness

162. Reversal lines which may be seen on the cribriform plate (alveolar bone proper) of the alveolar process indicate the cessation of:
1 Mark

A. Osteoblastic activityB. Osteoclastic activity
C. Myeloid activityD. Healing activity

163.  In resorption of roots of the primary teeth, the dental pulp1 Mark

A. Plays a passive roleB. Becomes a fibrotic non-vital mass
C. Initiates resorption from the inner surface of rootsD. Aids in formation of secondary dentin slowing down resorption

164. Least pain sensitivity in oral cavity is in which mucosa1 Mark

A. GingivaB. Buccal mucosa
C. Labial mucosaD. Dorsal mucosa of tongue

165. A development disturbance in the enamel of mandibular first molar crown usually occurs between which of the following ages1 Mark

A. 8 months prenatal to one-year postnatalB. Birth to 3 years postnatal
C. 3 years postnatal to 5 years postnatalD. 6 years postnatal to 8 years postnatal

166. Amalgam achieves 70% of the strength by:
1 Mark

A. 2 hoursB. 4 hours
C. 8 hoursD. 16 hours

167. The hygroscopic technique is assosciated with:
1 Mark

A. InvestmentB. Hydrocolloids
C. AmalgamD. Silicate

168. Rough surface of elastomeric impression results from:
1 Mark

A. Inadequate mixingB. Air bubbles
C. Too rapid polymerizationD. Incomplete polymerization caused by premature removal from mouth

169. All of the following can be used to slow down the setting of zinc oxide eugenol impression paste EXCEPT:
1 Mark

A. Adding a small amount of glycerineB. Adding a small amount of water
C. Altering the amounts of the two pastes usedD. Cooling mixing slab

170. The point at which a stress of a material exhibits a specific limited deviation P is called:
1 Mark

A. Proportional limitB. Tensile strength
C. Ultimate strengthD. Yield strength

171. In female skeleton the long bones are:1 Mark

A. 5% smaller than the maleB. 8% smaller than the male
C. 10% smaller than the maleD. 12% smaller than the male

172. Which of the organ is usually first to show autolytic changes1 Mark

A. ProstateB. Liver
C. SpleenD. Pancreas

173. Surest or the most reliable method of identification is:1 Mark

A. DNA ProfilingB. Galton Method
C. Gustafson’s methodD. Anthropometry

174. Blue line in gums is seen in chronic poisoning by:1 Mark

A. ArsenicB. Lead
C. CopperD. Mercury

175. Chalky white teeth occurs in poisoning due to: 1 Mark

A. Nitric acidB. Hydrochloric acid
C. Sulphuric acidD. Oxalic acid

176. Kaposi sarcoma is commonly seen in:1 Mark

A. Upper limbsB. Lower limbs
C. Head and neckD. Trunk

177. X-ray skull characteristically shows “Hair standing on end” appearance in one of the following disease1 Mark

A. Still’s diseaseB. Scurvy
C. Thalassemia majorD. Cirrhosis of liver

178. Caplan’s syndrome is seen with?1 Mark

A. COPDB. Osteoarthritis
C. Pulmonary edemaD. Rheumatoid arthritis

179. Multi drug resistant tuberculosis is resistance to?1 Mark

A. INH & PyrizinamideB. INH & Rifampicin
C. Rifampicin & PyrizinamideD. Resistance to all

180. Pulsus paradoxus is seen in?1 Mark

A. Cardiac tamponadeB. Mitral regurgitation
C. Aortic regurgitationD. Mitral stenosis

181.  A 36-year female complains of abdominal pain & constipation in the last 5 years. She has on & off rectal bleed when she tries to defecate forcefully. The most probable diagnosis is1 Mark

A. Ulcerative colitisB. Tuberculous intestine
C. Crohn’ s diseaseD. Irritable bowel syndrome

182.  Standard treatment of verrucous carcinoma of lip:1 Mark

A. Surgery & radiotherapyB. Surgical excision
C. Laser therapyD. Interferon

183.  In a post-operative patient, 21 years old with 70 kg by weight, 1 unit of packed RBC will raise the hematocrit by:
1 Mark

A. 1B. 3-5
C. 7-10D. 15

184. Buerger’s disease is caused by:
1 Mark

A. AsbestosisB. Alcohol
C. Cigarette smokingD. Drug abuse

185. A 15 year. old boy is suffering ·from Hodgkin’s disease which shows involvement of lymph nodes. Which of the following treatment will have- high success rate:1 Mark

A. Lymph node resectionB. Chemotherapy
C. immunotherapyD. Surgery+ immunotherapy

186. Inhalation agent not considered safe in dental anesthesia:
1 Mark

A. HalothaneB. Sevoflurane
C. IsofluraneD. Desflurane

187. During day care anaesthesia which of the following muscle relaxant should not be used in a patient Induced using fentanyl and is under preoperative p blockers:1 Mark

A. PancuroniumB. Rocuronium
C. VecuroniumD. Atracurium

188. A ligamental injection of 2% lidocaine with 1:100,000 epinephrine will cause the pulp circulation to:
1 Mark

A. Increase markedlyB. Remain the same
C. Cease for about 30 minutesD. Decrease slightly


If by mistake, a needle with lidocaine and adrenalineenters a vessel/artery, what will be expected?1 Mark

A. Hypotension and tachycardiaB. Hypertension and tachycardia
C. Hypertension and bradycardiaD. Hypotension and bradycardia

190. Local anesthesia with lowest placental transfer rate
1 Mark

A. BupivacaineB. Lidocaine
C. ChlorprocaineD. Mepivacaine

191. Whatis required for maintaining human dignity, or remaining human, in bio- ethicslanguage is called….1 Mark

A. A goodB. A transcendental good
C. A necessary goodD. An obligatory good

192. The most important consideration regarding the information ininformed consent is:1 Mark

A. It must be communicated free of emotionB. It must be technically accurate
C. It must be strictly medicalD. It be understood by the patient

193. Medical Ethics:1 Mark

A. Is the study of legal aspects of a doctor’s professional life.B. Is the study of moral aspects of a doctor’s professional life.
C. Is covered by Hippocratic Oath.D. Is regulated by local Medical and Dental council.

194. Primum Non Nocere means1 Mark

A. First, do not listenB. Never be the first
C. First, do no harmD. Give nothing to the first

195. Which of the following ethical issues form the foremost part of Hippocratic Oath?1 Mark

A. ConfidentialityB. Sexual boundaries
C. BriberyD. Doctor’s rights

196 . The Bio Ethics Science Suggests That Health Care Has Moved, Historically, To Respect For Autonomy From Which Model?

A. EngineeringC.Contractual
B. CovenantD.Priestly

197 . Confidentiality Can Be Breached

A. When the patient does not listen to the doctorB. When financial resources are scarce and patient is not compliant.
C. When a patient authorizes to do soD. For a patient who requires Invasive treatment

198 . The Concept Of Justice In Ethics Is:

A. an obligation of the patient to the society.B. that the health resources must be distributed according to the principals of equity.
C. taken as patients right to choose or refuse treatment.D. For all medical Professionals to do good for all patients under circumstances

199 . Paternalism Among Doctors Is Not An Ethical Attitude Becauseit Conflicts With

A. Patient’s medical careB. Doctors’ tasks and duties
C. Patient’s autonomyD. Doctor’s autonomy

200 . Autonomy Is One Of The Main Principles Of Bioethics , Whichmean:

A. SelfishnessB. The right to be selfish
C. Self-awarenessD. Self-governance



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