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Thank you for showing an interest to contribute to dental blog!

Dentistry Explorer is an educational site which includes materials related to oral health and educational tips for dental students. Our goal is to contribute authentic and valuable knowledge about dentistry as an easy access to everyone.

Guest Post Writing Guidelines:

  • The post must be original. That means the post that you have submitted here must not have been submitted or published in any other online platform including your personal blog. Content submitted will be checked via copyscape, plagiarism checker & other tools for article uniqueness.
  • Our website is related to oral heath niche & as we know medical issues should always be justified by scientific basis so your article must include scientific facts and reasoning. Please mention your referenced books, articles, etc. For example, if in your article you have mentioned about health risk of passive smoking is more or less, you can provide the article links or books’ name from where did you know that. The references must be from trustworthy sites & should be enclosed in brackets. Example- [: httx://wiki/smoking/Article]
  • You can link relevant website on your article that might be important for readers. But don’t include your own site blog on content unless it is necessary. We will reserve self-promotion of your blog/website by ourselves before posting it.
  • Regarding the topic of article, it must be related to oral health/dentistry/ dental education/ dental tourism/ dental marketing etc. Any other article will be not be published. Topic should be made as unique as possible.
  • Regarding the word limitation, we focus more on content quality and uniqueness which will be valuable for readers. But if it is too short (<700 words) then it won’t be uploaded on our site.
  • Articles can be based on your clinical experiences, success stories, motivation for young minds, case-based stories that you are dealing with, medico-legal issues and some exclusively new technology in dentistry. While writing, focus more on the depth of the content rather than just an overview.
  • Try to include things that are relevant for all the time. For example: don’t write an article on ‘Best Dental college of 2020′, etc.
  • For readers to follow you (writer) the link is provided as @Author Bio so there will be branding of your site too. For this, you are requested to put website link at the end of your article along with author bio and author photo.
  • Author can write in any tense but active voice should be used so that it would be easy for readers to connect with your words. For example: You should write like- I was doing scaling.(active voice) But not like- Scaling was being done. (Passive voice)
  • Please separate headings and subheadings to make it easier for readers. You can make your post attractive by using different types of word tools, tables, charts, etc if required.
  • Please feel free to give credit for sources if you use any picture or any data or any information from our posts in your article.
  • Regarding image for your article you can send us appropriate photo with good picture quality.
  • We don’t pay for guest post but we can help them by linking their site to our site.
  • If you write at least five articles for us then you will be added to our permanent author list.
  • We only publish those articles which will add value to our website.

Why you should write for us?

  • We always publish content with full credit so it will add value to you.
  • We provide platform to write with quality readers.
  • It will help to create your own brand and value. After publishing several articles, you might get offer for paid writing.
  • If you have your own blog then we will link that on your article as- Do-follow back-link.


Article should be on plain background in Microsoft word file (not in pdf format we don’t support html format post). Send your article to our mail address, with subject title- Guest Post for Dentistry Explorer.

There you must include author Bio, Photo reference link and image related to your article. Include relevant images to your post as separate documents in mail. Only send photos or images that you own otherwise give credit for the owner. Photos in landscape format work best on our website. Add author bio which should not exceed more than 120 words with link of your site, social profile, one good quality author photo etc.

We will response your article within a week. After we find your article, we will send it to our review team which will look after content and then to editor team which will edit grammar, clarity and authorization of article. Before publishing your article, we will send it to author for final permission if there are major changes made during editing.

Looking forward to collaborate with guest author.


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