Still Lagging Concept : Dentistry in Nepal


    Dentistry in Nepal

    Still lagging concept: Dentistry in Nepal Though we are living in the 21st century, each country still has its own journey to embark towards being in THE 21st century. Dentistry, like the rest of our Nepal’s development, is lagging behind. It would take an enormous step to make people realize and believe the importance of dentists, meaning the importance of teeth.

    Yes, we all have seen our grandparents without teeth and it doesn’t seem very awkward because most of our grandparents are toothless, but what if we were taking better care of our teeth from the very early? We could actually retain them longer.  We could  gift them a new set of teeth, give back their pure smile, help them chew meat again and  say,  enjoy corns.

    Well dentistry in Nepal has also taken its leap ; it is as better as it can be. Learning from the world, our teachers and seniors, Nepal’s dentists are thriving to make dentistry as affordable as possible to each of our Nepali brothers and sisters.

    We have been trying to eliminate the myths ,to instill a positive attitude, approaching every household and knocking on every doors, not because we don’t have any work, but to make each of our smile and dental health better.

    Why not ask our relatives who live in the Western nations, countries which we look up to and aspire to be, the cost of simple dental treatment’s? So why are we still ignorant about the  prevailing effect’s of bad oral health? Why are we yet denying the affordable privilege of dentistry in our own home? 


    Why are we not treating our teeth like an important asset as it is? They aren’t just for the sake of your beauty because we all know how we would look without a bunch of teeth. Waiting till the very end when the pain takes its toll and the costly treatment isn’t a viable option for many families anymore leaves the patient with no other choice than to get the tooth removed.R-E-M-O-V-E-D. Doesn’t it sound scary? or a word big enough to drive you out of your house to fetch for a dentist?

    That’s the main issue here. Lets not be ignorant towards our teeth. They not only give you a good smile and help you eat, but they maintain your inner health. Your mouth is the window to your body.Dentistry is not just about your teeth. Its about your oral health that includes your entire mouth.

    Its about brushing, maintaining clean oral hygiene, flossing so that your teeth retain till your old age, you don’t have bad breath, and also if there are any unaesthetic causes; forwardly placed teeth , teeth that are not in alignment, or any teeth related problems. And by fixing it, Dentists help you in a way where you look better.

    Today in this era, we all want to look like celebrities, and for the looks, the most important part of your face is your smile. Who wouldn’t want a perfectly sparkling white teeth with a soul warming smile. Yes, many celebrities come for dental treatments and for us that can become really costly, so we should start young.

    Trying to prevent the malocclusion(misalignment or incorrect relation between the teeth of the two dental arches when they approach each other as the jaws close) and restoring as soon as its seen. Its the cheapest and the best way!

    So hopefully, in coming days, you wont be scared to visit a dentist or think that the teeth aren’t really a part of the body to be worried about and spend money on, because trust me, teeth is not just any body part, its an ASSET.

    Therefore, the sooner you realize the importance of oral health, the less you have to spend on treatments tomorrow. GO book an appointment now!

    Dr Ayashree Karki



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