Why my teeth are sensitive to cold and sweet? How to get rid of it?


Now days many people come with complain sensitive to cold and sweet foods. Most of them are in trouble because of this problem they couldn’t get chance to have cold drinks in summer. Most of they are not worried about it at its beginning but when suddenly it become more sensitive and even painful when teeth are in contact with such food items it will be terrified condition.

It makes many people difficult in enjoying delicious food items. But as per research not only you are the sufferer of this problem, more than 40 million adults in USA are complaining of tooth sensitivity. If we are aware regarding this problem it can be easily treated and if you are careless then it might be your permanent problem.

What are the symptoms of sensitive teeth?

The main symptom of tooth sensitivity is discomfort and pain after eating or drinking something cold and sweet . This pain can occur suddenly, and the degree of sensitivity can be mild, moderate, or severe.

Many times people with tooth sensitivity also have pain while brushing as well so it’s symptom of severe type of sensitivity. In these condition it will be better to find a cause and start treatment as early as possible. Pain during brushing will eventually lead to irregular hygiene because of pain. This can trigger further dental problems such as gum disease and tooth decay.

Tooth sensitivity can be mirror to indicate a serious dental problem. General people can’t diagnose tooth sensitivity them self. If you have any sensitivity to coldness or with sweet food please mention it clearly to your dentist. Dentist will preform various test that will conform the cause of the disease. Accordingly they will plan the treatment procedure.

Sensitive to cold and sweet

Major Causes of sensitivity

Forceful brushing

Brushing is only one task that we daily perform to keep our mouth clean and healthy but if we don’t follow the proper instruction by dentist how to brush it can cause damage to gums and teeth. Many people want hard bristle brush and brush gradually vigorously which will eventually causes wear off of enamel surface and causes sensitivity.

Enamel and cementum are protecting dentin layer which is sensitive to hot cold and sweet. Once enamel and cementum wear off it causes nerve stimulation and send signals to brain causing sensitivity.

Drinking or eating something cold could irritate the nerves and cause sharp, intermittent pain in the mouth.

Acidic foods

Many of people think acidic food will strength their tooth in fact consumption of more acidic food can cause wear of enamel surface and expose the underlying dentin which will eventually causes sensitivity. We suggest those who are suffering from sensitivity don’t consume acidic food. Example of some acidic food are Lemons, Orange, Grapes, Kiwi etc.

Tooth-whitening agent

There are myth regarding various tooth whitening agents fact is that these contain more abrasive material which wears the enamel surface so many patient who are using whitening agent complain of teeth sensitivity.

Whitening Tooth paste

Whitening toothpaste marketed by various brand can give you a brighter smile, but along with brighter smile they result in sensitivity due to various strong chemical present on it. Regular use can cause discomfort and sensitivity.

Gum disease

Gum disease are directly associated with oral hygiene habit those which care about their oral cavity doesn’t suffer from gum disease. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental cleanings as well as scaling and root planing timely will be sufficient to avoid sensitivity from gum disease.

If a bacteria colonizes around teeth and form dental plaque which will eventually leads to gum disease and may cause recession of gums which will expose cementum which will cause sensitivity to tooth.

Grinding your teeth

Many people have habit of tooth grinding during sleep which will causes wear of enamel surface and causes sensitivity.So those who have habit if tooth grinding should be advice to use mouth guard to protect from wear and sensitivity.

Tooth decay

Many people come to dental clinic have problem of sensitivity have tooth decay. It is the most prevalent dental disease. When bacteria start to produce acid through the starch available in oral cavity if it is not treated in its early days it slowly dissolve the enamel surface and causes sensitivity to cold and sweet food. And when exposed to coldness, you may feel pain or sensitivity in the affected tooth.

How to treat sensitive teeth

We dentist are working for your better oral health, so nobody don’t have to live with sensitive tooth suffering from cold and sweet food and they couldn’t enjoy their delicious food items. We have different treatment option according to causes of sensitivity.

If grinding is the cause we have mouth guard and if cause is tooth decay we have to go for restoration of offended tooth. From brief case history if we found some underlying cause of sensitivity we have these treatment options.

Treatment option for sensitivity

Fluoride treatment

Preventive procedure we have fluoride treatment. Fluoride is the chemical which strengthen the capacity of enamel to dissolve through acid attack. So we suggest fluoride treatment for prevention of sensitivity. There are various technique to receive fluoride you can receive any appropriate technique and get rid of sensitivity.

Healthy Diet

Diet also play significant role in prevention and treatment of sensitivity so you have to change diet as less acidic and less sugar containing health diet. These will also help to reduces severity of sensitivity.

Proper brushing habit

Many people are aware of brushing but are not aware if how to brush. They are choosing hard bristle tooth brush and brush forcefully which should be avoided and modified bass technique of tooth brushing should be applied which will prevent plaque formation and sensitivity
During brushing we have to be more careful and while choosing toothpaste we should think of fluoridated tooth paste rather than those which are marketed as whitening agent.

Mouth guard

Patient with face pain, headaches, earache, and a stiff jaw the root cause might be teeth grinding during sleep. These patient can be easily treated and get ride of all problem by using mouth guard. It protect tooth from grinding and there will be no sensitivity any more. Person who is suffering from teeth grinding should be treated by fluoride therapy to strengthen enamel as well as restoration as per requirement.

Dental treatment to treat sensitivity

First of all causes should be identified and then only treatment began. There are various resin coats and some periodontal surgeries if recession is causing sensitivity where they will cover that exposed dentin.

If tooth decay is causing sensitivity either restoration or root canal treatment should be provided to patient.

Prevention is better than cure

Sensitivity is very annoying problem to us so we need to get rid if this as soon as possible. Treatment are available but prevention is much better than treatment. So here are some way that you can prevent sensitivity.

  1. Healthy diet
  2. Proper Brushing Technique
  3. Fluoridated toothpaste
  4. Avoid citrus food
  5. Regular dental checkup

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