What after BDS ? Here are 16 Best option that you can choose after BDS.


    BDS is Bachelor in Dental Surgery and like any other technical subject, the future seems promising, but is BDS enough or what scope do we have or what are our further career options, these questions arise to a dental graduate, or anyone wanting to pursue their career on dental science.

    Life grew way tougher after that and we were again promised of easier life after our +2 and yet again the uncertainty of future loomed over our head after completing +2. So, we can see we are never prepared for the greater future here.

    We take one step at a time and while choosing careers on medical field we might have hoped MBBS/BDS is our final destination, our ultimate goal and everything is merry after that, but aren’t we too naive again? well, things don’t appear as easy after starting Medical/Dental school and completing our bachelor’s degree is just one step towards understanding what we really want to become.

    In this specific article I will be focusing carrier option for BDS graduate student in various country India, Pakistan, UK, USA, Australia, Dubai, Nepal and other country as well.

    Here we are basically focusing on what after BDS? Here are the options which are available for fresh dental graduates.

    Overview of career options after BDS

    1. Prepare for MDS and Start job after MDS
    2. Join Dental College as Tutor
    3. Join Private Dental clinic/hospital
    4. Government jobs for BDS
    5. Abroad gateway after BDS
    6. Dento-Gulf Earn Money
    7. Start Your own Dental Clinic
    8. Collaborate with Hospital and start dental branch in their hospital
    9. Joining Trust
    10. MHA after BDS
    11. MPH after BDS
    12. Placement in Dental Insurance company 
    13. MBA after BDS
    14. Researcher
    15. New generation career as Youtuber and blogger
    16. Dental Tourism

    1. Prepare for MDS and start job after completing MDS

    Now days people are searching for specialization even for small treatment everywhere. So, it is necessary to complete MDS to be a better clinician. Most of us find this is the easiest way which we can choose during college days but after completing there are various things which will decide. Probably it is safest and easiest way after graduation but it is not as easy to get seat for MDS in good college and another hurdle is that you will not be able to find seats for what you are willing to read.

    If you are thinking to do MDS immediately after completing BDS then you have to start preparing during your internship days and  there are various exam preparation centre for MDS, either you can join or even you can prepare at home for such competitive exam in India, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Nepal etc. It is more difficult to find seat in the government college for your desired speciality. You can join MDS in government or private dental colleges after cracking entrance examination.

    If you want to join MDS in India government of India takes single common exam i.e. National Exam Cum Entrance Test NEET which will open your door for MDS in India. Here is Syllabus of MDS NEET exam and These are Top Dental College of India for year 2020.

    MDS college in India and Seats

    Till date there are 241 Dental College where MDS course is available across India among which 36 are government college and rest of all are private dental college. Total no. of seats available in India for MDS are

    Total Number of Seats in MDS at All-India level (Government + Private) Including Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Jammu & Kashmir5928
    Total Number of Government Seats in MDS at All-India level (Including Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Jammu & Kashmir)678
    Total Number of Government Seats in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Jammu & Kashmir48
    Total Number of Government Seats in MDS at All-India level (Excluding Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Jammu & Kashmir)630
    Total Number of Private Seats Including Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Jammu & Kashmir5250

    Before deciding to join MDS you have to be clear with what will you want to do after MDS. Many people join MDS and pass out from Dental college but they don’t ask the question what will be they doing after MDS? There should not be similar transition as you are facing after BDS so plan properly and think it.

    Clear with your field of interest and plan for your future and then only choose go for MDS. This moment will change your rest of life in dentistry. If you wanted to do Orthodontics but after all you only find seats in Oral Medicine these are two totally different clinical experiences so first be clear with your career.

    If you are trying to do something besides MDS, here I have described other option that you have not even realized yet.

    2. Work as Tutor in dental College

    But to be frank nowadays most of dental college search teacher and tutor who have completed MDS but still in some dental college they demand Dental graduate (BDS) as tutor but you have to decide whether it will be the best option for you or not.

    There is opportunity to join as tutor for diploma level courses in dentistry as well. This is part time option for those who want to earn and side by side are preparing for MDS.

    After joining as tutor, it will increase your knowledge and in some dental college there is also exposure for clinic as well while working as a tutor. So, for transition in between MDS and BDS you can join as tutor and then earn money and gain experience and have quality time to study as well for entrance exam.

    3. Join Private Dental Clinic/Hospital


    This will be the most common option. people think now days is that dentist can earn tons of money but situation is not such easy as market is changing day by day.

    Competition is tough and people want quality service. So, most of patient prefer private dental clinic rather than government dental hospital so joining in private hospital is another good option to gain new experience and learn about advances in dentistry. Many people try to work on private dental clinic and side by side they prepare for post-graduation.

    Once you are graduated from Dental college you have taught skill to treat patient but there are much more things in Dental clinic that you have never exposed in dental college. Those who plan for their own clinic in future should join the clinic and learn all those things and can apply in their clinic.

    4. Start serving government after BDS

    There is no better option to us to serve to our country by joining government Dental hospital but there are very limited seats available in country. But if you will be able to join the government service then you have better opportunity to crack MDS entrance so many people try to join Government services.

    This is one of the securest job dental graduate can have. Government have various rules initially such as dentist have to serve in remote area for a year or more and then only, they will be permanent for that job. Many of us find government job very secure due to insurance, pension, good salary and other facilities provided by government to our family. Currently there are very limited no. of seats but hope that will be updated and increased with demand of public service.

    In India these are the Government dental jobs.

    • Army Dental Corp
    • Territorial Officer in Indian Army
    • Railways as a dentist
    • Join the Indian Navy or Indian Airforce as a dental officer.
    • State government jobs, as a dental surgeon, etc.

    In Pakistan these are the government jobs

    Army Dental

    In Bangladesh these are government sector for dentist to join service

    Army dental

    Government Dental officer, Surgeon

    In Nepal these are government dental jobs

    Nepal army

    Nepal Police

    Government dental officer, surgeon

    5. Abroad Gateway for Dentist


    Many of us had joined dental college because we want to settle Abroad. we still hear that career of dentist in abroad is brighter. This is true but it will take some time to be placed in abroad as well as it is costly procedure when you want to join in USA, UK, Canada etc.

    Graduation you received in dental college in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal are not acknowledged by these countries so getting license to practice as dentist is also time consuming. Those who want to spend money and can wait for a while it is great option that General dentist can do. There is various exam such as NBDE, ORE and other licencing exam which will give permission to work as well as study further. If you have enough budget and want to settle in abroad these are the options.

    Total cost to clear NBDE part 1 and 2 requires about 50-60K $ so many of us can’t afford it but those who want to join can also work as hygienist and dental nurse to earn some money and then join for DDS. 

    6. Dento-Gulf Earn money


    Now days people want to go to gulf country for their career. As you know there is good salary and it is less costly many people are attracted toward this opportunity. Before practicing in gulf country there is licence exam which is not so tough as compared to ORE and NBDE.

    Starting salary in gulf country for dentist is about $ 1,000-3,000 will be starting salary for BDS.  It will be more adventure to work on gulf country as you can enjoy delicious food, travel in beach, luxurious living. Many people go gulf country to earn money and they return to their native country and start their own clinic and settle down.

    7. Start your own clinic

    You can collaborate with your friends or you can start dental clinic on your own in starting days it will be difficult to manage all resources for dental clinic but you have to start with small and keep updating it with time. What I suggest is please work in a dental clinic for a while and know about each and every thing how to run dental clinic then only start clinic. Don’t rush to start business, before you have mastered in Root Canal Treatment, Crown cutting and complex extraction along with extraction of impacted teeth. start with a one dental chair and keep increasing. Believe me with dental clinic also you can manage to earn good amount of money.

    8. Collaborate with Hospital and start dental branch in their hospital

    This is the option for those who already have idea in business and marketing. It is difficult to establish and run separate branch as newbies but when you have idea to collaborate with already established brand which does not offer the dental services.  We have placed corporate jobs, trusts after a private clinic or college. This is because in trusts and corporate jobs you are usually asked to treat patients unsupervised. There is no mentor or guide to help you through.

    9. Joining Trust

    There are various such trusts who are searching for dental graduate as to run oral health programme and treatment. But before joining into such trusts you have to evaluate yourself are you suitable for such jobs.

    As there are no such supervision as you are having during your college days so if you are not confident enough for all procedure than you might keep on making mistake which will create problem to yourself.

     Non-Clinical Option


    10. Master’s in Public Health MPH after BDS

    It is another option for what after BDS those who don’t want to practice clinical dentistry anymore. Master in Public Health is emerging field where many dental graduates are attracted. Those who want to go abroad most of the time they apply in college for MPH and work as public health expert in future. Many companies and NGOs INGOs are searching for MPH which have good income if placed in good company.

    11. Masters in Health Administration

    New concept in hospital is that there should be proper marketing and management along with quality services so MHA course is designed to make hospital proper administration. So, now days many dental graduates are attracted to join MHA and find their placement in business management in hospital or healthcare system.

    12. Placement in Dental Insurance company 

    Now days many insurance companies are including dental treatment so it is also another field for opportunity for dentist. They provide many job opportunities such as auditor, insurance aspirant, insurance examiner, investigator claim handler and many more

    13. Master in Business Administration MBA

    It seems Business Administration is completely different from Dentistry but many people in dentistry are studying MBA in hospital administration and got placed in dental hospital. After completing MBA there is opportunities to get placement in dental manufacturing company, branded company and hospitals.

    14. New generation career as Youtuber and blogger


    YouTube and blogging are new option for young dentist who have good command on technology and want to work hard and have patient. During your college days you must have watched lecture video and some clinical skills through online either via YouTube or some websites. Internet is evolving day by day and it is dominating over traditional studying technique.

    For example, many of you have watched Dr Teeth videos in YouTube she also has started posting videos during her final year back in 2015 after 5 years with hard work and dedication they have managed to earn good amount of money and team Dr Teeth is still coming with new dimension.   

    There is other channel as well who are doing better day by day in YouTube. So, if you believe in yourself and can invest quality time on such activities you can also grow up with your own channel and posting your own cases videos and can earn money. Many people tart posting videos and articles and want to earn money soon these are not the platform those who need immediate return but those who can spent time and have idea about it can earn money almost after 1 year. But you have to keep doing hard work it is obviously time consuming but once you start to do continuously then it will worth your hard working

    15. New dimension in Dental Tourism: Can go long

    This is new concept in medical field that there is future of medica tourism Dental tourism is a branch of medical tourism. Dental tourism is also branch of Medical tourism which is evolving day by day. Dental treatment is very expensive in abroad so the new concept of dental tourism come in practice after that. People can visit new places and have adventure along with they can do their dental treatment with low cost.

    Dental implant, root canal treatment, restorations are expensive treatment in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, European and African Countries so many people try to complete their treatment with low cost while they can enjoy adventure. Now days many dental clinic are targeting dental tourism only so you can also make a proper plan for it as it doesn’t require a separate qualification but you should have perfect plan for management and build proper channel to attract dental patient who are visiting your country via internet marketing and advertisement. Many tourism companies are tied up with dental clinic and they are earing good amount of money.

    16. Build future in Research

    Many of you have not realised it yet but yes future in research is also brighter. There are various research institutions in every country they are focused in new invention. So, you can make your career as clinical researcher.

    Research in health care system make up to date to new medication, treatment procedure, products, their effectiveness and safety along with efficiency and efficiency.

    In every country there are various pharmaceuticals company and many Biotech and other companies producing dental instrument and medication and diagnostic aids they are also in search of dental graduates. In such research unit these are most frequently asked placement for job.

    • Clinical Research Associate
    • Clinical Research Managers
    • Clinical Research Coordinator
    • Counsellors
    • Project Manager
    • Research Officer

    Don’t be scared of how you will work directly after your graduation into such institution there are various training and courses to enrol graduates into such places. Indian Institute of Clinical Research (ICRI) and other research-oriented institution are there to help you. Those who are interested in research in future it will be the great platform to learn.


    So, like I said, life gets more entangled as we move towards our goals, but we should understand it’s about the journey to our destination. Finally, nothing ventured nothing gained, so live your life to the fullest, follow your heart and dreams and live with no regrets.



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