What to do After Orthodontic Treatment; 6 Must do Points


What to do After Orthodontic Treatment; 6 must do Points Orthodontics treatment today is a common esthetic treatment procedure. Few years back it used to be unique and considered something unusual to have. It was also considered treatment of riches back then. Though it is a quite expensive procedure but still worth less the life long esthetic smile of the patient which builds their confidence and self esteem. 

What to do After Orthodontic Treatment; 6 Must do Points

Cleanliness is the key:

Yes, the most challenging part is the hygiene maintenance. Since there are braces on your teeth, there are many spaces in your mouth where food particles and plaques make their home. These spaces are not easy to reach to clean. You must use aids for cleaning along with a toothbrush. Regular use of flush and proxa brush is necessary to maintain a clean oral cavity. 

There are many cases where patients report to the clinicae of the lack of cleanliness or oral cavity.


Follow Up regularly:

A regular follow up is very necessary for correcting the teeth and getting best results. The science behind it is that, once the teeth are tightened in an appointment, with due time they get loose due to their movement and remain there. So in the next appointment teeth are tightened up again to move them into the correct position. So the follow up are equally important as the first appointment. 

Change in Diet Habit:

Since the teeth are subjected to movement there are high chances of trauma and unnecessary movement of teeth by hard food and eating methods. Soft diets are recommended and in case of hard food they are chewed only after cutting them into small pieces. Having a big bite on apples and large pieces of meat should not be performed to get best results.

Your few teeth might needed to be extracted:

Yes, according to your case and severity some of the healthy teeth can be extracted. Since orthodontic treatment is a game of space which is to have correctly aligned teeth, there should be space on your jaw, if not some of the teeth need to be extracted. But Ultimately the teeth will be beautifully aligned. No complaints will be there regarding extraction of teeth. 

Tightening of braces are quite painful:

The teeth have to be tightened by the braces to align to its correct position which is painful for the day upto few days of the appointment. However after a few days the pain will reduce as the tooth has moved slightly to the aimed position. 

Feel comfortable with your braces:

Having braces may make you an odd man standing among your circles. But it is not true. Few years back it was considered an unusual treatment procedure. Specially in the society of Nepal, where the esthetical treatment was very rare they were considered uncomfortable. But these days perception has changed. Everyone is concerned that their esthetics and braces are seen as normal dental treatment procedures as others. So you must not feel like an odd man out. 

Contact to only Orthodontic Consultant:

Fixed orthodontics treatment or braces placement is only done by skilled and trained consultants. It is a conspicuous process and requires a great clinical skill and judgement. If done by a non-specialist then there is the chance of adverse tooth movements and the condition might worsen.

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